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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pop Mama's Favorite Things, Part 1

It has been a slow week for pop news, so I'd thought I'd share some of my new mom favorite things. I'm not Oprah, so I can't give away each of these products to every reader - even though I'd like to. This is Part 1 because I know that I will have more favorites as my little guy grows! Here are some of the things I found to be necessities in the last 4 months:

1. pockets -- where else would I stow my keys, cell phone, Cam's pacifier, the earrings he is trying to pull out of my ears, etc. (sure I still have a purse, but anyone who has been a new mom pack mule knows that one more bag is not always a wise choice).

2. cable -- uh, hello, you read this blog -- you know how TV has become my only vice.

3. video monitor -- when you just can't get out of bed, but need to see if the noise is "real" crying or just noise.

4. Baby K'tan wrap -- when nothing else would do, this thing calmed him down and let him snuggle in for a nice snooze in a second womb. http://www.babyktan.com/

5. homemade frozen meals -- soups, chili, etc. were a lifesaver many a night when we were too tired to cook and hadn't been able to make it to the store.

6. glider / recliner / rocker -- mine does all three and I LOVE IT. A necessity for a nursery.

7. my mom -- she has been there to help so many times and my husband and I are very grateful!

8. pacifier (aka "the miracle plug")

9. hands-free breast pumping bra (http://www.easyexpressionproducts.com/)

10. swing! luckily he likes it and when he was brand-new it was one of the only ways he would sleep... we have this one:
I know I haven't even recapped the RHONJ Season 2 Reunion Show Part 1 yet, but maybe I will do it all at once next week after Part 2. Have an awesome holiday weekend!!!!

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  1. not a specific entry comment, but wanted to share, that I just finished reading If You Have To Cry, Go Outside. Kelly Cutrone has a very interesting birthing and motherhood story(ies) that I think you would really enjoy.