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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Memory Of

The past week was a rough one for me and my family.  In addition to some stressful doctor's appointments for Cam and dealing with a situation at daycare, we also received some devasting news regarding the loss of a loved one.  I am heartbroken and grieving.  The death of a loved one is always difficult and emotional, but as a new mom I was touched in a different way by the news.  On one level I am processing the same emotions of grief that I would have felt before becoming a parent, but now I am also grieving for the fact that Cameron will not know this sparkling and interesting individual.  His only experience with this person will be through our memories, our words, our photos -- and I feel like those will never be enough to do this person's spirit justice.  I am thankful that they met each other once, even if he will not remember, I will. 

Life is hard, but it is also full of so much joy.  Seeing the world through Cameron's eyes as he discovers simple things -- a dog, the wind on his face, a new toy or even his own thumb -- is a gift that I open everyday.  As a parent, I try to do my best to keep Cam safe and healthy everyday.  I take care of him when he is sick (with yet another ear infection), I play with him, I teach him and I soothe him.  It is my job to help him learn his story --  so I will keep the memory of those lost alive for my son, so that he may understand his past, his family and even his future.   

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  1. I am sorry for your family's loss! You are a great mom and Cameron will know of your aunt by your memories and stories. Its going to be tough but keep your head up and smile.