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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am mother, hear me pour...

Has anyone ever heard of that wine - "Mommy's Time Out"? Well, I need a glass. It has been a long week already and I still have one more day to go - boo! I do have to thank my little guy for continuing his streak of sleeping through the night (knocking on wood again) because it does help me through my day when I am not falling asleep at my desk, in the car, over the stove or on the couch.

I used to be quite a wine drinker -- I loved going to wine bars and having some vino with the girls or just sharing a bottle with the hubby on a weekend night. Drinking wine outside on a summer night was one of my favorite activities. This summer I spent most of my nights pumping on the couch and watching TV while my little guy wrestled with a sleep schedule...no patio wine nights for me. Also, I can only handle 1 or 2 glasses before I start feeling like crap or want to head off to sleep. This is my post-partum tolerance and I'm not liking it.

I have switched from wine to SkinnyGirl Margaritas (of which I can only do 1 1/2 glasses at a time) to curb calories and I seem to tolerate those better over the course of an evening--less sugar I think. Anyways, my friend gave me a nice bottle of wine for my 30th birthday that is currently chilling in my garage fridge waiting for a night when she and I can relax and share it...when will that be? When Cam is 18?

More later -- I have to talk about the Teen Mom at some point. OH, and I am truly truly excited about a new show that is coming out... TLC's Sister Wives - a polygamist reality show!!!! Remember my wish for one? Well, it came true and I cannot wait for September 26th.
Later skaters.

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