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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breaking News: Another one bites the dust...

The other day I blogged about Bryan Masche -- father of the sextuplets on Raising Sextuplets (WE channel) getting arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and threatening domestic violence.  Well, now he has more legal troubles as his wife, Jenny Masche, filed for legal separation on September 17th, just days after his run in with police.  Allegedly the threats of domestic violence came after an argument about where to take their children for the day.  

On the show Raising Sextuplets, Bryan does come across as a hot-head and definitely appears to have some anger issues.  Some of the anger issues even seem to stem from he and Jenny having sextuplets.  There is talk in one episode about his resentment of her for pushing fertility treatments, etc.  This season the family made a move on their own to Destin, Florida.  They left behind two sets of grandparents and some aunts & uncles who provided a support system for the family.  It seemed like a risky decision, especially since Bryan didn't have a job that would support the family down there and Jenny would have to work insane hours as a physician's assistant to keep the household afloat.  Let's just say it wasn't well planned -- at all.  I'm kind of out of the loop on the show though because from the reports about the separation and the arrest, it seems like the family relocated back to Arizona and no longer lives in Florida.  

Life with one child is hard on a marriage, so I can imagine how stressful six can be for a couple.  But, it makes me sad that another marriage has failed (or is at least in big doo doo).  I'm hoping that they can work it out because as Kate Gosselin could tell you, being a single mom of sextuplets is not a piece of cake.  Also, Jenny Masche has far less star power than Kate had, so there will not be any Dancing with the Stars deal headed her way. 

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