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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amazing Things

SLEEP -- sweet beautiful sleep! Cam is finally sleeping through the night -- well, at least from 11pm -7am -- and I couldn't be happier. I'm sure that I have now jinxed this new development (I'm knocking on wood right now) by writing about it, but I really am excited and relieved. I this day would never come. My little guy is growing up.

I finally watched the two part RHONJ Reunion show...INTENSE. So now that Danielle is off the show what is the point of watching it? Of course I want to see the drama of Teresa becoming "poor" and I always love some Manzo gossip, but really, what is the RHONJ without Danielle Staub? Again, my head will explode if she gets her own show, but I can say that I will miss her special kind of crazy.
The two part reunion show was basically a lot of yelling and talking over each other, but we did learn a few key things:

1. Danielle is no longer sleeping with married men -- or men at all. She is now "swimming in the lady pond" as Andy Cohen said...I don't particularly like that phrase as it makes me think of those Nuvaring commercials with the synchronized swimmers who shed their birth control to go in what looks like a hot tub with other women...hmmmm... anyways, Danielle loves her some ladies now (her "music partner" Lori in particular). Again, I hope that her daughters have a GOOD and qualified therapist.

2. Teresa did not have a clue that she was spending her family into bankruptcy. Ummm...this is 2010 -- the clueless wife excuse does not hold up. Apparently, once she found out about the financial trouble, she "went to work" and "did appearances every night." I can't fault her for trying to make money, but it begs the question -- who is paying for her to "appear"? I'm imagining a mall bookstore in Short Hills, NJ.

3. Caroline lost weight with portion control. She looks good.

4. Jacqueline and Danielle were both wearing sequins -- and a lot of them. I don't have anything else to say about that.

5. Danny, the felon, was married at one time -- and no, he and Danielle did not sleep together (or at least that is what she says...). This is funny because I always thought that the goon that was by his side during filming was also his boyfriend from prison.

6. Kim G. gets on every one's nerves (including mine) except for Jacqueline. She swears like a sailor. Even my husband hopes that she doesn't show up for next season (yeah, I force him to watch with me).

7. Teresa freaks out when Danielle mentions some nephew...I wish that there was a better back story to this, but it turns out that Teresa was just flipping out because Danielle is continually getting into her and her family's business. Frankly I don't blame her for freaking out on her, but it must made Teresa look crazy too.

8. Danielle will always carry a part of Jacqueline "in her heart."

9. We learned the procedure and construction for installing a hair extension and also how difficult it is to pull one out. Caroline laughing throughout the entire demo was classic. I know that I couldn't have kept a straight face if Danielle pulled a mannequin head out of her purse...WHAT?

10. And, last but not least -- Amazing things. Amazing things. Amazing things. New beginnings.

Peace out RHONJ Season 2, you were good to me in my postpartum days.

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  1. FYI: The nephew comment threw Teresa into a jealous rage because Danielle hired some private investigator and is spreading rumors that Teresa's husband fathered a child with his mistress. That was the "nephew" she was referring to. God I love trash TV.