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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer TV not so hot...

Yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open. Cameron got a cold and ear infection from daycare and then passed the cold to us. My husband is the sickest he has been in years and I am feeling pretty crappy myself (sore throat, congestion, headache). Of course there is no rest for the weary mom -- I still had to get up in the middle of the night with Cam (when is that going to end?) and still had to get up with him this morning and get us both out the door. Ain't motherhood grand?

While my husband and I were practically comatose on the couch we caught up on 19 Kids and Counting and Teen Mom. 19 Kids and Counting was not all that interesting except for the family being extras in the newest family Christian film, "Courageous." Also, Michelle Duggar is still back in Little Rock tending to little Josie who (thank God) is looking healthier each episode! With all of the other kids back at home, Michelle was saying that she is not used to so much peace and quiet. She said it was like having her first child again in that she could nap when Josie naps and just pay attention to her. I am feeling the effects of just one child and cannot imagine the degree of tired that Michelle Duggar must feel having 19 children. That poor woman has probably not had a full night of sleep in 21 years.

From the wholesome Duggars I went to the trainwreck of Teen Mom. What an episode.
First, could Gary's proposal to Amber be any more ridiculous and could her response be any more rude? I love how she basically gave him the script as to how to ask her to marry him and how they argued about it while he was in the process of proposing. What are the odds that there will actually be a wedding? Umm, slim to none. She kept saying that she was "old-fashioned" when it came to marriage. What? Anyways, so Gary and Amber are engaged...I think.

The saddest part of the Teen Mom episode this week was seeing Catelynn and Tyler's relationship disintegrate. They were my favorite Teen Mom couple because they were mature enough to know adoption was the right choice for their daughter and because they were so nice and supportive of each other throughout the entire ordeal. Now, they are fighting because Catelynn lied about communicating with an ex-boyfriend. I just feel for these two kids. I want to see them succeed in life and in love. Hopefully the couple's counseling will help out...although I know enough to say that 17 year olds in couples counseling probably won't be together in 20 years.

I am really ready for my shows to come back on the air because summer TV is slim pickins'

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  1. I literally laughed through the entire Gary/Amber proposal. Pure comic genius.

    I too feel for both Tyler and Catelynn. Clearly they were the strongest couple (and in my opinion, smartest) on 16 and pregnant, but watching their relationship slowly dissolve has been difficult. To me, it only goes to show that while the love that you feel and share with a person when you are young is real, it doesn not necessarily mean it is a life long love. Clearly both these two have a lot of growing up to do, finishing high school, making major choices about their own futures, and it becomes clearer with each episode that they need space to do it. I hope for their sakes that they are able to grow, both individually and as a couple and somehow find away to stay together. But either way, I still think they are the perfect example of why getting married/engaged and having children while still in school/a teenager is not always the right decision.