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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trashy TV Recap -- oh and a summary of what happened on 19 Kids and Counting

I just finished watching Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom. To recap - Farrah got swindled in a Craigslist fraud scheme, Maci introduced Bentley to her new beau, Catelynn and Tyler made up and Amber and Gary had yet another fight, threatened to break off their 3rd engagement and then made up? I think I have that right, although Amber and Gary are hard to follow -- I swear she yells at him more than she talks to him. I hope that their daughter, Leah, doesn't grow up thinking that all the yelling, swearing and fighting is normal -- it can't be healthy.

I felt bad for Farrah who fell for a scam on Craigslist. The scam is that you are selling something and a prospective buyer contacts you, offers to buy it and says that he will send you a check for the amount of the item, plus shipping costs. He then wants you to take the check and wire him the extra money that he paid for shipping. It doesn't really make any sense, but Farrah fell for it and wired the guy $3,000 before finding out that the check was fraudulent. First - shipping a car doesn't cost $3,000. Second - why she went and wired him the cash so fast is beyond me...she could have just waited until finding out if the check was bogus or not. Anyways, I was wondering who fell for these schemes and now I know. I do feel bad for her though because I can imagine how sick she felt when she realized that she lost $3,000.

Catelynn and Tyler made up on this episode and Tyler is going to try to begin trusting Catelynn again. I was happy to see them back together, but when they reunited, he ripped up her phone records and threw them into a river. DON'T LITTER! I don't care how symbolic of a gesture this was, please try an alternative like putting them in a paper shredder or even burning them! That really bothered me. I don't get why people think it is okay to litter. Just the other day I was driving and this chick in front of me just threw a drink bottle out of her window, followed by her still burning cigarette. I felt like making a citizen's arrest. Get a clue people.

In other trashy TV, I also caught up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This week the group (Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline + 500 members of their families and the Bravo crew) was still in Italy and wrapping up the trip with a visit to Joe's and Teresa's extended family in a tiny town called Sala Consilina. It looked very picturesque and old school. A few memorable things about this episode: 1) Joe Giudice trying to explain that bidets are no longer in America and that they are like a "douche;" 2) the spread of food at the relatives house -- YUM; 3) Joe bitching about how much they spent at the hotel in Naples -- over 850 Euro; 4) the absolutely hideous custom made dresses that Teresa dressed her girls in for their last night in Italy (are they going to sell those at the bankruptcy auction?); and 5) Danielle back home in N.J. searching for her birth mother. Also, Danielle said the word "panini" about 5 million times in this episode and it was driving me bonkers.
Now that I scraped the bottom of the TV barrel, let's end this post on a more wholesome note -- yep, you guessed it -- 19 Kids and Counting recap! Michelle Duggar is still in Little Rock tending to Baby Josie while Jim Bob and the rest of the family visited another mega family -- The Bates. The Bates live in the hills of TN and have 17 children (Mrs. Bates is pregnant with her 18th). The Bates are a lot like the Duggars. They dress modestly, are very religious and also home school their children. It was kind of a boring episode and the highlight of the episode was that they visited a bird sanctuary. Yes, a bird sanctuary. Enough said. We also got to see how Jana and John David were doing on their mission trip in Southeast Asia -- looks like they were having fun riding elephants and sightseeing. I'm wondering what kind of mission this is and hope to see more of their trip next week.
So, that's it for now...next week's RHONJ looks to be an amazing blow out of an episode with
Caroline Manzo going head to head with Danielle. I also heard that Danielle may be getting her own spin-off like Bethenny did! She is so not worthy...

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