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Friday, August 13, 2010


Yippee for Friday! After the week I have had, I am very very excited for the weekend -- mainly because I just need to relax and get over this nasty cold that my son gave me. This morning as I was driving to work I was listening to my usual morning radio show and a main story was about the Duggar family. Apparently, the Duggars are under attack again for publicly stating that they were open to having more children -- even after the ordeal that they just went through (and are still going through) with Baby Josie.

I've talked about the Duggar family a lot on this blog already and in my opinion, they are entitled to live their life the way they want. However, I do think that their actions are somewhat risky at this point. Michelle is 43 years old, which is considered "advanced maternal age," and with the complications she experienced with Baby Josie -- preeclampsia, I think that she and Jim Bob may want to call it a day with number 19. Even if they don't want to use contraception, try the ol' rhythm method and that would at least lower the risk of another pregnancy. My thought is that the older she gets, the more likely the complications for her and the baby. I had preeclampsia with Cameron and it didn't come on until 38 weeks and I am 13 years younger than Michelle. The fact that I had labor complications gives me pause when thinking of having another child and causes me to consider the risks -- to me (stroke, seizures, etc.) and to a baby (premature birth, developmental problems, etc.). The Duggar's convictions are very strong and I understand wanting to stand by those convictions, but I would also like them to acknowledge the fact that by "being open" to another child they are putting Michelle's life at risk, which could end with her leaving 19 (or 20) children without a mother.

In other parenting news, Dina Lohan was on the Today Show this morning talking to Matt Lauer about how Lindsay didn't deserve to go to jail and how as a parent, she had to "let go" of Lindsay at some point and let her make her own mistakes. I didn't watch the entire interview (uh, hello, I was trying to doing a million things to get out the door with the baby), but Dina Lohan just comes across as almost apathetic to her parenting duties. Sure, Lindsay is an adult now, but when she entered show biz, she was NOT an adult and that is when all of this nonsense started. I think it is interesting that Dina would take jabs at the Judge who made Lindsay go to jail (albeit for 2 weeks instead of 90 days) and to rehab (for like the 1000th time). Her daughter is a public train wreck and is in need of help. The Judge was enforcing the law and personally, I wish that every Judge would treat celebrities the same as anyone else in their courtroom. Kudos to the Judge for showing Lindsay that she could no longer get away with lame excuses for violating probation. I wish that instead of defending Lindsay and criticizing the Judge that Dina Lohan would have admitted that there is a problem and it is being taken care of -- for Lindsay's health and well-being.

Thoughts on the Duggars? On Dina Lohan? Did I just open up a can of worms? Probably. It is amazing how two totally different families - the Duggars and the Lohans -- can incite such strong opinions! I want to hear yours.

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  1. I don't have TLC or Bravo anymore, so I am behind on most of the shows you write about, but I will comment on Lindsay Lohan. I agree 100% with you on this one.
    Lindsay is a train wreck, I am tired of hearing about her screw ups, and like you, I think her parents are definitely to blame. However, I will say that I am glad that she doesn't have kids (ala Britney Spears) and only is impacting her own life at this point. She can get her life back on track, if she wants it, and her parents are supportive.
    A couple years back, my fiancee had a sexy picture of LL in his apartment - and I expressed my disgust at his poor choice, more than once. Back then, I was frustrated that LL went from idol of teens all over this country, to someone who clearly didn't need teens idolizing her. The picture was eventually removed. And now he finally agrees that her actions outweigh any attractiveness she may possess.
    Ugh. Hope she can turn it around.