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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sum Ergo Cogito

For those who don't speak latin (who does?) the blog title today is: I am therefore I think. Translation - I am so damn exhausted today that I am only thinking (barely) because I have to in order to drive to work, work and take care of my little beaner who has yet another ear infection. This time it is in the other ear and is much worse than the first. He was completely out of sorts this weekend, running a fever and unable to be comforted. Parenthood slapped us in the face.
I don't have much energy to delve into the pop culture world today, but here are some things that made me smile:

1. Modern Family cleaned up at the Emmy's winning Outstanding Comedy Series and some other awards -- including Eric Stonestreet winning Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Cameron Tucker. Love this show.

2. Paris Hilton was arrested in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine. Apparently her boyfriend was pulled over for driving under the influence and because marijuana was "wafting" out of his vehicle and a police officer on a motorcycle smelled it. As if this wasn't ridiculous (and blatant) enough, when the police were dealing with the boyfriend, Paris pulled a chapstick out of her purse and a little package of cocaine came out with it. Busted. Of course she is denying that the cocaine and purse are even hers. Yes, this story made me smile. Classic.

3. Amy Poehler looked hot at the Emmy show 3 weeks post partum. And, I'm not talking airbrushed Kendra Baskett hot, I'm talking real glowing mama hot! Yea Amy -- we love you!

That is all I can handle for now. More later -- especially since I just saw that Lindsay Lohan got pulled over this weekend for running a stop sign...awesome.

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