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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mama Movies

This past weekend while driving from Indianapolis back to Cincinnati, my husband and I brainstormed a list of great parenting /pregnancy related movies. Here is what we came up with -- in no particular order of greatness:

1. Parenthood (love Steve Martin)
2. She's Having a Baby (old school Kevin Bacon)
3. Baby Mama (seriously could watch this every day)
4. Nine Months (vintage Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore)
5. Baby Boom (Diane Keaton in 80s power suit)
6. Knocked Up (seen it about 500 times)
7. Kramer vs. Kramer (on the serious side...)
8. Father of the Bride Part II (combines two favs - Steve Martin and Diane Keaton)
9. Juno (great dialogue)
10. Precious (just kidding)

I want to hear if anyone has a favorite parenthood / pregnancy related movie that I forgot. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Lol!! Out of that entire list, I have only seen Nine Months. Wow. I've got some catching up to do :)

    What are your thoughts on that new Fox evening sitcom called "Raising Hope"? The trailers seem a bit ridiculous, but I haven't seen Juno or the other more recent comedys about babies you listed, so maybe it's supposed to be along similar lines?

  2. I am Sam. Sad, but good parenting movie.


  3. Really? You DO have some catching up to do! Anyways, I haven't seen much on the Raising Hope show -- only a snippet of the trailer. I'm not sure I will tune in, but I do love me some Martha Plimpton (who was also in Parenthood!).

  4. I loved the movie Waitress! Keri Russell is who I would want to play me in the made for tv movie of my life.

  5. Parenthood was one of my mom's favorite movies when I was growing up, which meant we watched it compulsively, which in turn meant I memorized a lot of dialogue that I didn't totally understand. I watched Parenthood again this past fall, and I have to stay it stands up to the test of time. Plus it's just a much funnier movie now that I know about road head.