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Friday, August 20, 2010

Mama Movies, Part Deux

It may be a bit much to post about parenting / pregnancy related movies twice in one week, but after I posted the first list I realized I had forgotten some great movies and readers have chimed in as to some of their favs...plus it is Friday and who doesn't like a movie to start off the weekend?

So here is Mama Movies, Part Deux (there can always be a Mama Movies, the Third if we have more to add).

1. Mr. Mom (I can't believe I forgot this one before!)

2. Three Men and a Baby (whatever happened to Steve Guttenberg?)

3. Look Who's Talking (pre-fat Kirstie Alley and pre-Pulp Fiction John Travolta)

4. Waitress (a lovely little indie film starring Keri Russell)

5. Kindergarten Cop (I don't know if this qualifies, but it is fun nonetheless)

6. Fools Rush In (pre-famous Salma Hayek and Friends-era Matthew Perry)
7. The Switch (just coming out and I haven't seen it, but it fits the category and I pretty much like anything with Jason Bateman)

8. Where the Heart Is (Natalie Portman gives birth in Walmart. Enough said.)

9. Cheaper by the Dozen (Steve Martin in another harried parent role)

10. Raising Helen (Kate Hudson inherits some kids and John Corbett is a Lutheran Pastor)

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  1. I think you could also throw in Three Men and A Little Lady. Not so much baby, but definitely still fun