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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot Mess in the Press

Lots going on today -- a recap on the RHONJ episode, Tiger Woods' divorce is final and Lindsay Lohan is released from rehab. First, before I delve into all of the pop mania, I want to share a baby issue that I am having. My son is almost 4 months old and is about 14 pounds and he gets cuter by the minute -- but almost every night he is SOAKING himself! He did just change diaper sizes a few weeks ago, but the size 2 diapers he is wearing are not that big -- he is just filling them up. Unfortunately I cannot find an "overnight" diaper for his weight group. Any suggestions on how to avoid the "baby wet the bed" scenario? Oh, and on the same subject -- has anyone seen those Huggies Jeans diapers? The commercial is hilarious, especially the line "I poo in blue." Has anyone bought them? I think they are ridiculous and akin to designer water, but I'm still curious...

Okay, so last night I watched the RHONJ from this week and it was a showdown between the two "matriarchs" -- Caroline and Danielle. While Caroline definitely seems to qualify as a "matriarch," I just don't see Danielle as one...I think she envisions herself as an Italian matriarch on par with a character on The Sopranos -- I mean, did she really need security detail for her meeting with Caroline? It was disturbing to me how Danielle involved her daughters in the drama of her going to meet Caroline, including having her daughters "thank" the two security guys for keeping their mother safe. Gag. Bottom line - Danielle blows the drama up to epic proportions. I am wondering what is going to happen next season...there are rumors that Danielle will not be back to the RHONJ and may be getting her own show. I'm not sure that there is any story line left for her to come back to the RHONJ -- the drama of Danielle vs. the world is a little played out. Please Bravo, for the decency of human kind, don't give her own show.

In other news, Elin's and Tiger's divorce is final. Elin did her first and final interview on the subject for People Magazine, which hit newsstands this week. Elin shares how the sex scandal took its toll on her, causing her to have insomnia and lose weight. I can imagine. The poor woman was stalked by the press so much that she had to flee the country for weeks at a time and spend time in her native Sweden. I feel for her as she raises her two young children -- without the partner she thought she had and also trying to keep them out of the spotlight. It is going to be hard for these children to avoid the spotlight with a famous / infamous father, especially since the press watches his every move. I just hope that for Elin's sake she can find some peace and privacy!

Not like it is a big surprise or anything, but Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab-- so anyone in LA should stay off the roads. Apparently she is no longer in a residential program (after only three weeks of her 90 day term) and is now in an outpatient program. I have heard reports that while she was in the residential program, doctors determined that her substance abuse problem was not as bad as originally thought -- there were even reports that all of her problems were caused by her Adderall prescription. Now, chances are that these "reports" are an attempt by her PR agents to spin the coverage in Lindsay's favor. If Lindsay looks less looney there is more of a chance of a director and producer taking a chance on her in the future. It took Robert Downey Jr. several years of rehab and sobriety to get producers to agree to casting him in movies again -- basically, if an actor seems like he/she could be unreliable (drunk or on drugs all the time), the insurance for the production will sky rocket and no one wants to risk losing money. I just hope for Lindsay can turn her life around and be healthy, whether or not she never gets another role.

That's all for now -- happy hump day!

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