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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


First week of daycare last week, first ear infection this week -- I should have seen it coming. This is Cam's first illness and I am so glad that I caught it when I did. When I was taking the obligatory Baby Care class before Cam was born, my one question for the instructor was how to spot an ear infection. Well, I can't say that I spotted it this time but he was fussy, congested and coughing and that is why I took him to the doc and luckily, the doc found the ear infection before it had gotten too bad. Not to put a damper on things, but apparently babies will have about 11 illnesses during the first year of life. Something to look forward to...

One of my favorite 90's musicians and former Nickelodeon stars, Alanis Morrissette is expecting her first child. Congratulations! Apparently she married rapper, Souleye, back in May. Now, look at the picture...rapper? What?

Yesterday I caught up on the Real Housewives of N.J. while I tried to calm my very irritable son. Sometime last winter / spring Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa (and about 20 other people including children and in-laws) went on a whirlwind trip to Italy. The episode followed the planning of the trip and the first few days in Italy and on the cruise ship. I'm sure that there was fun being had, but it looked like hell to me. First, traveling internationally with infants does not look like a good time to me. Uh, hello time change? How does that affect a sleep schedule? Second, I hate huge group trips. I hate having to get everyone on the same page and coordinate what is going on...too stressful for a vacation. There was a scene in the show where the group is trying to celebrate Milania's (Teresa's 3rd daughter) 4th birthday and the child is asleep in her chair. I don't blame her -- I'm sure it was late, the child was exhausted and there is only so much Teresa anyone can take -- including her own children. The other thing I kept thinking about was how Teresa and Joe had no place going on the trip (unless Bravo subsidized it) due to their financial troubles. No wonder Joe seemed so grouchy the entire time.

Lately I have been on a kick of watching "old" (like 80's and 90's old) movies about adventures in parenting and/or pregnancy. Among some of the recent views: 9 Months and Baby Boom. I loved 9 Months because not only does Hugh Grant have his signature floppy hairstyle, but also because Joan Cusack and Tom Arnold are great as the "experienced" parents that Hugh Grant wants nothing to do with. Oh, and Robin Williams is also pretty funny as the crazy OB/GYN.

Now, Baby Boom was one that I didn't really remember that much about until I started watching it again. This is really a story about the power suit/ working woman turned mother. Diane Keaton stars as an executive who inherits a baby from her long lost cousins and then baby turns her life upside down and has her moving to Vermont to "simplify" her life. I enjoyed it because I love Diane Keaton and I love seeing the working woman's fashion from the late 80's. It is a nice story that gives me hope as a working mother -- that you can have the proverbial "all," you just have to be creative.
Tonight I will be catching up with 19 Kids and Counting and Teen Mom. Ciao!

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