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Monday, August 23, 2010

"Bathing Suit Ready" takes on whole new meaning...

Summer is almost over and I can hardly believe it. Having a baby in May has caused me to spend most of my summer indoors comforted by air conditioning and out of harmful UV rays (and watching countless hours of TV and movies). However, this past weekend I spent a precious 1.5 hours (baby-free!) in the sun at my friend's pool. It was glorious -- not necessarily being baby-free, but just being out enjoying the summer weather and relaxing poolside. It was awesome that I was able to fit that 1.5 hour time block into Cam's feeding schedule (feed at 1:30pm, rush to friend's house, leave by 4pm to feed again at 4:30pm...) AND that my wonderful husband was willing to stay home and allow me some time out! Thankfully one of my pre-baby swimsuits fit me -- kind of -- but at least I didn't have to don the maternity suit for lack of a better option. Which leads me to post-baby body topics...
Losing pregnancy weight isn't without some effort and since I am breastfeeding, I am sooo hungry all the time. According to the books, I am supposed to eat an additional 600 calories a day while breastfeeding. What? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure that I am eating that many more calories because I am not avoiding ice cream sandwiches (hey, it's summer!), second helpings of pizza and the occasional Oreo cookie -- but really, who has time to make uber healthy meals and snacks with a baby around? Yesterday, amid washing bottles and pump parts, throwing in laundry and paying bills while Cam napped I had a small window of time to throw together a turkey sandwich and call it lunch -- and that was SUNDAY! When I prepare for work, I try to bring healthy snacks -- yogurt, fruit, salad -- but that is on a good day.

And, what about gadgets that are supposed to aid in the slim down process? For example, Kourtney Kardashian swears by her Belly Bandit. http://www.bellybandit.com/ For only $65.95 you too can own a Kourtney Kardashian special edition Belly Bandit to help slim down your post-pregnancy belly faster. It is an "abdominal compression binder" (ouch) that helps supposedly reduces uterine swelling and water retention and also helps with posture. Hmm...has anyone tried this? It sounds like an old school corset. Is this how the Civil War-era mommies got their figures back? Apparently there is an entire history of belly binding -- see the Belly Bandit website. Is this the celebrity secret that helps them all get their bodies back so fast -- or is that just plain air-brushing? Celebs that swear by the Belly Bandit (according to the website): Bethenny Frankel, Minnie Driver, Poppy Montgomery, Julie Bowen (she had twins) and Ana Ortiz.

Working out has also proved to be difficult to fit in between working full-time and being exhausted. I have done it twice since Cam was born and I couldn't do it without looking at the monitor every five seconds to make sure he was still asleep. I try to get walks in whenever I can, but it has been soo damn hot this August that I have to go either early in the morning or late in the evening. Hopefully this fall I will get out more with the stroller. So, I'm not trying to make excuses, but getting the old bod back to normal is not easy.
Does Bethenny Frankel do her own workout tape? Did you see the RHONJ where Jacqueline and Teresa "worked out" to lose their baby weight? What do you do to lose baby weight or try to eat healthy as a new mom?

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  1. Word--it is NOT easy getting the ol' bod back. I was obsessed with body after baby until my favorite custard place opened for the summer. Clearly the Real Housewives do not live withing walking distance to Scooters' Frozen Custards.

    It was tough to find time for "meals" when I was breastfeeding Nicky every three hours. It would take him forever to eat, and I found myself rushing to the fridge, cramming slices of turkey or cheese in my mouth, and dashing back to my baby with just enough time to change him and pop him back on the Boppy. I also ate a lot of sugar to keep myself awake--Nicky barely slept as it was, and I didn't want to pump him full of coffee-flavored breast milk. But, I (slowly) lost 30 of the 36 baby pounds by the sixth month just by breastfeeding. We also got a treadmill, and that's helped too, although it was much easier for me to drop weight running before pregnancy.

    My favorite healthy snack is plain, low-fat greek yogurt with berries or bananas. I make it unhealthy by crumbling cinnamon graham crackers on top, but I suppose you could use whole-grain, low-sugar granola for a similar crunch factor. Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt but just as much calcium, and adding fruit tastes better to me than pre-sweetened yogurt.

    PS: I've seen your facebook pictures, and you look as sleek as ever. Minx.