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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A "Real" Mom

Before I delve into what happened Monday night on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, I have to plug a product that I now cannot live without. For the past month, I have been easing back into work by going in a few afternoons a week and working from home. When I go into the office, I have to pump there so that I can keep my milk production up and provide bottles for my son who stays with a sitter (my mom or husband for the time being). Being at work and pumping is awkward enough (luckily I have a door on my office), but being indisposed for 10-15 minutes was driving me nuts! I'm a multi-tasker and I was not loving sitting there holding the apparatus to my chest and counting down the minutes. So, I asked around and found the best hands-free breast pump product. It is basically a tube top with a zipper and cut out holes for the pump shields to fit through. When I wear this amazing invention I can email, talk on the phone, eat a sandwich...whatever I want to do because I have use of my hands! Imagine that. As a new mom I am often wishing for one or two extra limbs so that I can accomplish life tasks while holding my baby and this hands-free helper does the trick! For those of you out there breastfeeding and needing to pump often, I wholly recommend investing in this device (around $35). Check it out at: http://www.easyexpressionproducts.com/ I bought mine at a maternity store at the mall, but it is also sold on Amazon. Totally worth it! Oh, and it seems that Kourtney Kardashian may also have one (at least that is what it looked like on her show)...not that her having one is an incentive to get one...

Okay, on to the "real" business of the day. So much happened Monday night on the Real Housewives of New Jersey that I don't even know where to start. First, Teresa and her family play monopoly while she basically tells her husband that she wants a HUGE gift for their 10 yr anniversary. I hope that they are teaching their girls fiscal responsibility because from what is sounds like in the news these days is that they don't even have monopoly money to rub together any more. I found it sweet that Teresa and Joe are still in love and want to celebrate their anniversary, but there seems to be some reality chip missing when Teresa expects diamonds while admitting that she has a property in foreclosure -- I'm just sayin'.

I'm only going to touch on the Ashley / Danielle feud because it is just such a train wreck. Ashley - grow up! You can't counter sue Danielle for anything. Danielle - grow up! I'm pretty sure that the tapes of that fated evening will show that no one really wants to kill you. Get over yourself. Enough is enough!

The next big event of Monday night's episode was the sweet 16 for Danielle's daughter, Christine. I have to say that I don't know how Christine and Jillian turned out so normal, thoughtful and un-bratty. Just listening to the way that Danielle talks to the girls is so disconcerting -- she talks to them in these "I want to share a life lesson with you" way and brings them into very grown up issues. Monday's grown up topic was "will you find it weird that I am wearing my gazillion carat engagement ring from your dad to your sweet sixteen, even though I haven't worn it in years?" It just seems like Danielle brought it out to show off and grab her ex-husband's attention -- it was actually kind of psycho. It came off as desperate for attention and stealing the spot light from her daughter. I also loved the way she was ALL OVER her ex, thanking him for coming and hugging him. Weird! Oh, and not to be too snarky, but doesn't it seem like he has had some plastic surgery as well?

My favorite line was Danielle saying that she was "the best mother." Well, if you judge by the grace her girls display, then maybe she is doing something right, but seriously, what she says to them on camera is completely bananas. Please let these girls find good therapists later in life!

I also enjoyed Caroline's analysis of the Ashley / Danielle altercation. I've heard that the measure of a true friend is if you (hypothetically of course) had killed someone accidentally and then show up on that person's doorstep with blood on your hands that person would welcome you in, clean you up and help you make a plan. Let's just say that Caroline seems like a "true friend" type of person. In the Bravo poll taken during Monday's Watch What Happens Live asking which housewife you would want as your own mother, Caroline won by a landslide. I was torn between Caroline and Teresa...Caroline for the security and Teresa for getting spoiled rotten. A hybrid of the two may be the perfect combination!

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