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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As Seen Elsewhere...

Best headline I saw today hands down was: Lindsay Lohan Named a Suspect in Assault Case at Rehab.  What?  The entire story (which is short) states that she is suspected of assaulting a female staffer at the rehab after coming in from the bar.  What?  I thought she was going to rehab to get away from the bar.  You know how people in jail say that it was easier to get drugs in jail than outside of jail?  No, you've never heard that?  Oh, well, I must watch too many crime movies / shows...anyway, I guess when you go to Betty Ford (under court order no less),  you can also leave Betty Ford to go to the bar.  Amazing.  I would like to know the hot spot in Rancho Mirage, CA that Lindsay is hanging out in...a desert Chateau Marmont?  Oh, and she is a "suspect"?  Were there a lot of other self-involved washed up celebs there assaulting the victim?  Well, it is Betty Ford...

Second best headline that I read today: Prince Williams Cousin Zara Phillips is Engaged.  Umm...who?  I have never ever heard of this girl and I know a tad about the Royals.  This girl is only in the American press right now because William is also engaged.  Zara Phillips?  She is Princess Anne's daughter.  She is described as a "blonde showjumper."  Now, I assume that means that she has yellow hair and she rides horses -- translation -- rich and jobless.  Now a big faux pas would be if she got married before Prince William and Kate (aka "Kills")...  Million dollar question: Does Zara and her betrothed (rugby player Mike Tindall - aka "Zike") get their own Royal wedding china pattern or will they just get a commemorative plate that you can order out of the back of the USA Today insert in the Sunday paper?  

Third best headline of the day: Lady Gaga Shops Pantless in Paris.  Seriously?  Trying out a new trend are we?  You think this should be the First Best Headline?  Yeah, you are probably right.  This chick must be on so many drugs.  Or, she cannot be out of the spotlight for ONE SINGLE MOMENT.  Scary.  No, not the implication that she is on drugs and is attention-obsessed, but the picture of her without pants on...that is scary.  Lady, what planet are you from?     

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska = TLC's Folly?

I caved in and did it.  I watched Sarah Palin's Alaska and I didn't hate it.  In fact, I found it rather fascinating-- mainly because I didn't know much about our country's eastern most state (see I learned something from the show), but also because I still cannot make up my mind as to what I think about Sarah herself.  I know this -- I do NOT think she is Presidential material or even Vice Presidential material, but I do think she is an interesting cat.  I am a mother of one.  She is a mother of FIVE and a grandmother of one.  She impresses me with her seemingly ceaseless energy and what appears to be a never-ending positive attitude.  Plus, the scenery and wildlife is amazing -- even if she is always killing one animal or another.  TLC knows what they are doing -- just like Seward did when he acquired Alaska for the good ol' U S of A. 

This past week's episode of the show featured a TLC cross promotion bringing Kate Gosselin and her eight (yes, she still has 8 kids) to Alaska to go camping with Sarah's family.  Production genius -- someone is getting a big holiday bonus this year (take that Mr. Recession!).  I wish I could say that hilarity ensued with Kate and Sarah becoming buddies -- a regular Laverne and Shirley team -- but NO, Sarah made Kate cry like a baby out in the wild.

It went like this: Kate, a self-proclaimed Mama Grizzly and her eight cubs head on over to Sarah's house to meet the family and get some training on wilderness survival -- particularly how to avoid and/or slaughter bears.  Kate, Sarah and Willow (Sarah's middle daughter) go to a wilderness survival course where the instructor scares Kate and they all shoot guns.  Kate acts uncomfortable around the firearms, but says she would do anything to protect her kids.  The day of the camping trip it is raining and chilly.  Sarah's family goes out to the site ahead of Kate and sets up camp.  Kate and her 8 arrive by float plane and she begins whining right away.  While her children explore and play and have a grand ol' time, Kate whines, sulks and gripes about camping, the weather, cleanliness, etc.  She literally pulls a diva move and actually yells at a producer about how bitterly cold she is and how she want to leave.  Her children NEVER ask once to leave or even complain -- they having the time of their lives.  Kate then makes her children choose whether they would like to be a Gosselin or a Palin.  Frankly, given the circumstances, they should have chosen to be a Palin.  But, seriously Kate, don't your children have enough turmoil in their lives that you feel the need to make them feel guilty about having fun?  Then, the Gosselins leave and Sarah's family continues to camp and end up having a fabulous time as the weather clears.  The End.  

Kate's snotty attitude and determination not to have fun taught me a valuable lesson.  Show up for your kids.  I mean, it may not have been her idea of a red-carpet good time (I mean, she wasn't wearing her usual high heels), but her children were having a blast.  It is a once in a lifetime camping trip, in Alaska, with Sarah Palin.  Although that may be a nightmare for some people, Kate agreed to do it and she was getting paid no less.  What the french, toast?  She can't suck it up for one night in the wilderness for the sake of her kiddies?  Some Mama Grizzly.  

On the other hand, maybe TLC knew exactly what they were doing and that Kate wouldn't last more than a few hours...hmmm...genius?  We'll never know.  All I know is that I was on Team Sarah on this one -- those kids were out there having fun -- some good conservative family fun no less -- and their mother was a sour puss prima donna.      

Friday, December 17, 2010

You're a mean one Mr. Recession...

 I have about a thousand things on my to-do list right now, with most of the items being Christmas related.  Wrapping gifts, planning menus, grocery shopping for recipes on said menus, figuring out outfits for baby to wear to holiday celebrations -- and of course, addressing and sending Christmas cards.  I admit that I am a little behind on getting these out, with less than 10 days until the big day, but give a mom a break.  Apparently everyone is a little behind on the cards because I have only received a few this year, whereas I would have had a mailbox stuffed full in years past.  I've heard that other people are experiencing the same drought of cards as well...my friend blames the economy.  Just one more thing to blame on the ol' Recession.  Neighbor didn't give out Christmas cookies this year?  Damn Recession.  Stores going nuts with coupons and bonus deals?  Recession.  Work served crappy deli trays for holiday party this year instead of cocktail shrimp and mini quiche?  Oh Recession.  Baby is sick again?  Naturally it is the Recession. 

The Recession is taking on a persona to me...I imagine it looks a lot like the Grinch who stole Christmas -- I mean, it is definitely green and has a scowl on its face.  It probably doesn't regularly wear a Santa suit (and if it does it is a hand me down), but it definitely makes you feel hopeless and cynical.  It is actually more like a cross between the Grinch who Stole Christmas and a Dementor from Harry Potter.  Scary bugger at times, but also just a huge annoyance that reminds you time and time again of the failings of our country, the losses to your investment account and the fact that you really can't count on anything.  

Even though the Recession is a big a-hole, I believe that it has caused people to dig deep and continue (or even just start) to do good things in the world.  Our church was able to raise an amazing amount of money in a fund-raising campaign that just ended at the beginning of November.  People are still donating to needy families during this holiday season and my company raised a nice chunk of money to fund efforts for helping the disabled.  The Recession has made people get creative, share and figure out alternatives...it has allowed us to re-evaluate the "wants" and the "needs."  It was a much needed kick in the pants to remember the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season.

Our Christmas card (which has yet to go out) features my favorite gift this year -- Cam!  He has no clue that we are in a Recession and he reminds me everyday that I have all I "need."  A family that has not met Mr. Recession (of course it is a guy...) is the Kardashians.  I think that their card read: You may not understand why we are famous, but we wish you a Happy Holiday from atop our pile of money!  Cheers!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All good things must come to an end?

Well, it is a damn shame that the world will never know what the progeny of People's Sexiest Man Alive (Ryan Reynolds) and Scarlett Johansson will look like.  The two have split after only a mere moment of marriage and it is sad to see another couple call it quits.  The article in People said that there was no third party and that the couple had been "having some issues for a few months now."  A few months?  I hope there is more to the story than that, because as everyone who is married knows, having issues for a few months can happen...easily.  Marriage is work.  I actually feel kind of bad for Ryan Reynolds because the article stated that Scarlett was the one who initiated the split and he just hasn't been that lucky in love.  Remember when he was engaged to Alanis Morissette?  Now she is pregnant with some guy named SoulEye's baby.  If Ryan Reynolds ever wants to come to my neck of the woods, I can certainly set him up on a blind date...with a fabulous girl who won't throw him over for a wannabe rapper!

Another thing that ended recently was the TLC reality series Little People, Big World.  It was time and the last episode was uber weak...basically the twins, Jeremy and Zach ponder moving out but decide against it for money reasons (give me a break) and Amy and Matt ponder selling the farm but decide against it (thrilling).  There was an undercurrent running through the episode that hinted at a possible divorce in the making for Amy and Matt, which wouldn't surprise me at all.  We'll just have to wait until the media breaks that story and then Amy can go on Dancing with the Stars, ala Kate Gosselin.

And lastly, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron split.  Anyone?  No, no one really cares.  I mean, they are like 20 or something, did we expect them to stay together forever? 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Drum roll please...

Two drum roll worthy events happened this weekend -- one personal and one pop!

First --  we have a tooth!  Yep, Cam's first tooth cut through this weekend and now he has a little (sharp!) nub on his bottom left gum.  He was pretty miserable, but he still managed to smile a bunch and I am sure that the baby motrin helped keep him sane.  I can't believe how big he is getting and although it may seem silly, I am really proud of this milestone.  First tooth -- the start of a grown-up smile.  After months of waiting around, excessive drooling, whining and chomping on all things, he now has something to show for it!  Once it fully grows in, I will document the pearly white evidence and post it.

Second -- history was made when the first two woman team won season 17 of The Amazing Race!  Doctors Nat and Kat finished first in the race around the world, with a second two woman team (Brook and Claire) hot on their heels.  It was a girl power finale and I must say that I was rooting for either one of these teams to win...it was time for a two woman team to take first!  These girls (all four of them) are tough, but still managed to have fun on the race together.  It was refreshing to see that these women didn't turn on each other during the stressful competition -- unlike many of the couples teams in which the male teammate would berate or freak out on his female counterpart during a leg of the race.  These gals were polite, friendly and sweet throughout the entire race...not to say that they weren't strong -- just that they didn't come off as pushy b-words.  I was so happy to see these smart, motivated and fabulous women take the million dollar prize!  Congratulations Nat and Kat!!!! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A SuperMom

After a hellish day yesterday I was working on my laptop while The Biggest Loser played in the background and just as I was about to log off I learned that Elizabeth Edwards had passed away.  Immediately, a wave of sorrow washed over me as I couldn't help but think of her three children -- two of them very young.  Elizabeth Edwards was 61 (the same age as my mother) and she had battled cancer for the past 6 years...very publicly, becoming an advocate for cancer awareness and a symbol of strength. 

My hellish day didn't seem so hellish as I thought about her daughter Cate, who at 28 will not have a mother to guide her when she herself becomes one.  I thought about my own mother, who had generously baby- sat for Cam just hours before when my husband and I needed a quick dinner out -- alone.  I thought about all the advice and help and comfort my mother has given me (and continues to give) as my journey through new-motherhood bumps along.  I also thought about how Cate will be a surrogate mother to her younger sister (Emma Claire) and younger brother (Jack) and what a comfort that will be for all of them.  My heart aches for their loss and the road of grieving ahead.  

While she had her own struggles with her health and in her marriage, Elizabeth Edwards always seemed so strong and hopeful -- but also real.  I didn't see an "actor" or the gilded wife of a politician when she did interviews.  I mostly saw a real woman, a real mother -- who had lost a child and been betrayed by her husband -- but still kept going to help others and be a mother to her children.  It was clear in interviews and in her work how much she adored her family.  It was clear that they were her top priority.  Even if I didn't agree with all of her choices, I still respected her and admired her work as a cancer and health care advocate.  She was graceful -- or maybe gracious is a better word.  When I first read an interview she had done, back when John Edwards was running for Vice President, I felt that she was very relatable.  I liked that she was open about the loss of her son, Wade, and that she was open about her desire to have more children later in life.  Even though her husband turned out to be a complete and utter disgrace (at least in my eyes), I think her goodness and optimistic perspective allowed her to rise above all of the scandal that surrounded her and her family.  

It doesn't seem real that she is really gone.  I always thought, foolishly, that she would beat the cancer -- or at least live for many more years.  Elizabeth Edwards was so many things and so many people loved her, but most importantly, she was a mother and three hearts are aching.  Let all of us count our blessings, remember our own mothers and hug our children -- because life is way too short.  She left the following final message on her Facebook page, showing her strength -- "I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces--my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope."       

Monday, December 6, 2010

Piece of Art / Piece of Work?

Cameron has two pretty large blisters on his thumb/hand from his vigorous thumb-sucking.  I don't think they bother him because he still sucks his thumb, but I would still like to put something on them to try and keep them from cracking.  My go-to Aquaphor remedy is not the best choice in this situation as Cam would likely make a meal of it, so I went to the trusty internet for suggestions.  The best one I found was to put some Lansinoh creme on it because it can be ingested safely.  However, Cam's thumb-sucking injuries are not the topic for today.  While I was searching for remedies, I came across a very disturbing picture.

This amazingly bad and horrifyingly large tat belongs to none other than my favorite Teen Mom bad girl, Amber Portwood.  Apparently this tattoo is supposed to be a portrait of 2 year old Leah (you know, her daughter that became a ward of the state after Amber beat up baby daddy Gary on national TV).  Not only do I not see the resemblance, which is beside the point, but I would NEVER get one of these.  She would have been better off getting an airbrushed t-shirt of this "art work" and calling it a day.  Nope, now she has a massive tattoo covering most of her abdomen that she will live with for the rest of her life -- and worse, subject others to everytime she decides to don a bikini or middrift bearing shirt (hey, 90s style could come back someday). 

I am not even going to go into my thoughts on body art in general, but I do know that tattoos are expensive (despite how this one looks) and as I remember, Amber had NO money...she was getting government aid and living off various boyfriends.  Ummmm, who paid for this tattoo?  Perhaps it was a gift...that you CAN NEVER RETURN.  The only good thing about this story is that we didn't have to see a picture of Gary's abdomen tattooed with Leah's face... 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

T minus 24 days!

The Christmas count down begins!  The tree is up and decorated, many presents bought (none wrapped yet) and the holiday spirit is in the air.  I just have to get my Christmas cards sorted out and we will be golden.  Cameron is in a better mood (still no tooth) and it is snowing for the first time this winter!  Now don't get me wrong, I am NOT a big fan of winter -- I tolerate it through the holidays and then immediately get seasonal depression until the first warm day of spring. 

First on the agenda is correcting a past post (http://www.thepopmama.com/2010/11/what-does-15-minutes-of-fame-cost.html).  It had been reported that Alexis and Colin Gosselin were expelled from their swanky private school in Pennsylvania and were being home schooled.  Well, that is partly true.  Kate Gosselin did an interview with Meredith Viera on the Today Show and cleared the air.  Alexis and Colin were NOT expelled from school and instead were pulled out and started private tutoring at home.  Kate explained that they were struggling with anger issues related to the divorce and were having trouble performing within the constructs of their school.  The two are getting private tutoring at home and weekly therapy and Kate hopes that they will return to school within this school year.  Well, that is good news that they were not expelled.  I can certainly imagine that these children can have some anger and coping issues -- after all they are only 6 years old!

Next, what are you all doing to get in the holiday spirit?  Here are some suggestions -- things that just make me feel all the merrier!

1.  Drink hot chocolate.  When I was pregnant this was a saving grace -- hardly any caffeine and some calcium to boot!  I favored the McDonald's hot chocolate because it was VERY creamy, but I also didn't have to get out of my car to get it if I didn't want to.  Very convenient.

2.  Watch holiday movies.  Snuggling on the couch and watching: Elf, Love Actually, A Christmas Story (my husband's favorite), Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street...pure bliss.    

3.  Drive around looking at holiday lights.  This is a good one, especially for kids (Cam isn't really old enough yet...).  My husband and I do this together every year and I really like seeing all the neighborhood decorations. 

4.  Play Christmas music at home, in the car, on the iPod, etc.  I play it now when I am changing Cam's diapers and getting him ready for the day.  It just seems to put us both in the right frame of mind. 

5.  Bake.  I am not a huge baker (think refrigerated cookie dough), but I do like making banana bread to give out as holiday treats and I do like to make the occassional cookies.  More than anything I just like the feeling I get when the house is warm and smells good.  I suppose you can also get this effect by burning a cookie scented candle.  To each his own.

These are just a few things that I have been doing to get in the spirit.  Let me know if you all have other traditions, tips, activities that make December special.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas? Winter? A first tooth?  Yes, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas (actually I could have said this after Halloween based on the mall traffic) and winter seemed to hit my neck of the woods at roughly the same time.  Oh, and Cameron has been an absolute BEAR for the last week and we are hoping that it is teething instead of illness.  Fingers crossed.  Seriously, he is crying and fussy all the time, can't keep things out of his mouth and is generally not the little Cammy that I know and love!  This Thanksgiving -- while I have so very much to be grateful for -- I was also grateful for Baby Motrin.  Besides the teething drama, we had a lovely Thanksgiving in Indianapolis and were even able to sneak away and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  It. Was. Awesome.  Thanks to my FIL for babysitting!

I caught some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last Thursday and saw that the newly engaged Jessica Simpson was featured.  I have always felt a kinship of sorts with Jessica because we share a birthday and she and Nick used to live close to where my husband lived in California.  She apparently has a new Christmas album out, Happy Christmas...and although I will not be buying it (well...maybe a tune or two on iTunes), I am happy that she is attempting to keep her career going.  After a few rocky relationships -- John Mayer, Tony Romo -- she is engaged and seems well, happy.  Good for her.  Just don't attempt acting again and everything will be good...


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pop Mama's Favorite Things, Part 2

Yesterday Oprah aired her final Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things episode.  In fact it was Part 2 of her Ultimate Favorite Things.  It was BANANAS!  Not only did she give everyone an iPad (expected), but she ended the show by giving everyone a 2012 Volkswagon Beetle!  OMG! There were so many amazing gifts -- Coach bags, Le Creuset cookware, gourmet foods, clothing, etc.   Her audience was going NUTS.  I have never seen so many women crying with happiness at one time.  There was also this awesome male audience member who was TOTALLY FREAKING OUT.  He really made the show for me.  The audience members were all members of charities or groups that do good work for others, so it made you feel just a little less guilty about the blatant consumerism / materialism that was going on.  What are we going to do next year when Oprah is off the air and women's heads aren't exploding at a pair of free sequined Uggs?  What a bleak future for America...

Whenever I see the Oprah Favorite Things episodes, I am always reminded of the SNL skit with Maya Rudolph as Oprah.  The audio is weak, so turn up your computer volume if you want to really hear it.

Well, in honor of Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things, I have put together The Pop Mama's Favorite Things, Part 2.  Remember Part 1?  http://www.thepopmama.com/2010/09/pop-mamas-favorite-things-part-1.html
I wish I could give every new parent each one of these...some of these are repeats (or classics...)  Check it:

1.  Video Monitor.  This bad boy is a sleep-saver and mind-easer.  I can actually hear my baby breathe over this thing and can watch him while he scoots his little body all around his crib.  It gives me peace of mind because I can peek in at him at any time.  It has color and night-vision and it is hand held.  What else do you need? 

2.  B.O.B. Stroller (with car seat adaptor and drink holder).  http://www.thepopmama.com/2010/10/welcome-fall.html 

3.  White Noise!  I use it at night and during nap.  It works.

4.  Exersaucer.  My mom gave us this tool as an early Christmas present for Cameron.  He LOVES it!  I think if Oprah was giving one away, he would cry with joy. 

5.  Graco Snugrider Car Seat Stroller Frame.  I like this because it is lightweight and perfect for trips to the mall or restaurants.  It is about 12 pounds and I can lift it easily out of my trunk.  The car seat just snaps in and we are off.  Great basket for storing the diaper bag (or shopping bags) and comes with a drink holder.

6.  Lots and lots of cotton bibs.  Luckily these little accessories come standard with many baby outfits, so it is easy to amass a collection.  I have come to rely on these to keep Cam's outfit dry -- he is drooling like a faucet these days!

7.  Aquaphor.  You know how in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the father always said, "Put some windex on it"?  Well, if you have a baby skin irritation, "Put some Aquaphor on it."  Liquid gold. 

8.  Wooden spoon.  Who needs fancy teething rings when a wooden spoon will do?  My MIL was nice enough to give us one with a short enough handle for Cam to work with and he will not let go of the thing.  I swear, I had to pry it from his chubby little hands so that we could get his 6 months pictures taken... Top Chef material?  Maybe.

9.  Laundry bags.  When taking off Cam's little socks at night, I pair them together and put them in his laundry basket.  Then, when I go to wash his clothes I put all of his sock pairs into a small delicates bag.  I also dry them in the bag.  This way, there are no lost socks -- after all, these things are teensy tiny -- oh, and my sanity stays intact too.

10.  The JJ Cole Bundle Me.  Now that the weather has turned chilly, we popped this product into his car seat and off we go.  No coat necessary.  It is a little shearling sleeping bag that you zip your baby into after strapping him into the car seat.  It is easy and eliminates the need for multiple layers and blankets that could just slip off.  I recommend this for anyone having to brave inclement weather with their bundle of joy.  http://jjcolecollections.com/original-bundleme

That finishes the list for today.  As my parenthood experience grows I am confident that I will come up with more "favorite things."  The wooden spoon won't keep him busy forever!

Monday, November 22, 2010

SkinnyGirl on Ice?

Since Bethenny Getting Married? wrapped I have been going through a little Bethenny withdrawal.  Sad, I know, but I just found her so amusing.  Well, she is back.  This winter she is part of the cast of new season of Skating with the Stars.  Lame.  I am pretty sure that seeing her in sequins attempting to pairs skate with some ice capades retiree is not going to give me the same chuckle that her show did...although it might -- depending on the cheesiness of the competition.  Does this mean that she has ceased shooting her own series?  I certainly hope not.  I think she had some good material and I was waiting to see her as a new mom.  Skating?  Really?  

I also don't recognize most of the other competitors...which for me is saying something.  Rebecca Budig (soap star) and Vince Neal were about it.  I have NOT a clue who the other cast members are... 
Is anyone going to watch this?  I may DVR the first episode to see what it is all about. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Someday my Prince will come...

When I was about 18 or so, I had a brief fantasy that I would somehow meet and marry Prince William.  That was when he was a cute polo player and not going bald.  I'm not sure how or where I was going to meet him, but apparently I thought briefly that "anything could happen," and I could be the next Queen of England.  In the words of Cher Horowitz, "as if!"  I'm sure that even if William and I had met and fell in love, the Charles and the Queen would not have allowed a, gasp, American to join the royal family!  Now that he and Kate Middleton are finally engaged, I am gearing up for the media storm that will ensue as their wedding draws closer.  If it is televised, I will DVR it.  I just hope that their marriage will last longer and be a happier one that that of Will's parents.

I wonder what it is like to have the rest of your life set up with the answer to one simple question?  I don't envy here-- the media will follow her everywhere, her life, her family's life and the life of her future children will be subject to public eye and she will not be able to yawn in public ever again!  I do wonder what her pet charity cause will be...apparently she works in fashion -- so, fashion victims?  Ha.  I know, bad joke.

Now, what about Harry?  What will that wild card do next?  He certainly keeps it interesting...and I think he is the cuter brother at this point.  There is something just a little devilish about him -- a little unpredictable.  I guess the pressure is off -- no real concerns of having to be King.  I may have a cousin who wouldn't mind not having to be Queen...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What does 15 minutes of fame cost?

Right now I am holed up in our sunroom/office trying to insure that the house is quiet so that Cameron can get some kind of nap today.  At six months old he seems to think that he does not need to nap (more than 20 minutes at a time) during the day...it is driving me insane.  I think the ladies at his daycare are also going a little insane with him at the moment.  The trade off is that he is sleeping in 11-12 hour stretches at night...which is an amazing blessing.

I recently read somewhere that Kate Gosselin gets $250,000 per episode for her Kate Plus Eight disaster of a reality show.  Again, no one cares that you can travel with 8 children.  Does the $250,000 compensate her and her children for the damages that this public life has to be causing?  People.com just ran a story on how Colin and Alexis Gosselin were expelled from their private school in Pennsylvania.  No real reason was given, but reports of bullying and violence were referenced in the story.  Apparently these two children are now being home schooled -- add one more care giving layer to the Gosselin household, not to mention one more line item on the budget.  No wonder they need the $250k per episode.

I feel sorry for the Gosselin kids.  Sure, they have had a wealth of experiences, but their parents are not together -- their father is a train wreck, their mother clinging to fame to pay the bills, and their entire family life is mocked by the media time and again.  These children are dealing with the divorce of their parents (which takes years to recover from - believe me) and doing it in the spot light no less.  I suppose I am part of that problem.  Just reading the school expulsion story caused me to think about this family again and if it was really worth it.

Comparing the Gosselins to my favorite super-sized TLC family (besides the Browns, that is), the Duggars is also an interesting exercise.  Do I feel sorry for the Duggar children?  No, not really (I mean, sometimes I want to help out with haircuts and makeovers, but no real pity here).  I think there are a few key differences:
1.  Michelle and Jim Bob are still happily married (uh, and still attempting procreation)
2. The Duggars haven't really changed because of the show and it's profits...sure they have a bigger house, but they were in the process of building that already.  And, sure they have different travel opportunities and speaking engagements, but I just don't see any dramatic changes in the family dynamic, appearance or values of the Duggars.
3.  The Duggars (as far as I know) are not going to appear on Dancing with the Stars, don't employ multiple nannies (they have older children for that), bodyguards or home school teachers (again, they have older children for that).
4.  Jim Bob is not about to run off with a 20 something year old girl and then adorn himself with Ed Hardy shirts (unless you can "Buy used and save the difference), cz earrings and massive tattoos...

I guess what I am trying to say is that the Duggars seem to have stayed true to themselves throughout the reality show process.  That is where the real stability of their family shines through.

OMG there is a lawn guy weed wacking right outside our house...I am praying that Cam doesn't wake up too soon!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Expecting the expected

Today it was announced (on the Today Show no less) that Anna Duggar is expecting.  What?  Another Duggar joining the world?  I'm shocked.  Anna and Josh, both 22 years old, have a one year old daughter, Mackynzie (yes, they really spell it that way...) and are expecting their second child in June 2011.  Apparently, Anna got pregnant months after Mackynzie was born and then suffered a miscarriage (another thing she revealed on the Today Show).  According to her due date, Anna is about 9 weeks along.  Based on her history, I am a little surprised that she announced it on television at only 9 weeks.  I am one of those super cautious people who doesn't announce a pregnancy until around 12 weeks or a heart beat is detected.  Sounds a little old school, I know, but I just get anxious about these things.  I didn't even tell my mother that I was pregnant until around 11 weeks because I knew that she would have worried about it until after that "magical" 12 week mark. 

This picture was taken during Anna's first pregnancy when she and her MIL were both expecting.  It kind of sicks me out a little -- both the picture and the fact that they were both expecting.  Can we also talk about the fact that Josh and Anna are only 22?  Wow.  At 22 I was just graduating college and moving out to Los Angeles to go to law school.  I had just applied for my first credit card and was renting my first apartment.  I was nowhere near parenthood and was just trying to make it on my own.  The fact that we have such different lives is another reason why the Duggars still fascinate me so much.  On the show this week Michelle spoke at a mother's group, the kids went swimming in their wholesome wear and we learned that Jill likes to cook and get the "little ones" involved.  Frankly it was boring, but I still watched it.  At least I got to learn more about wholesome wear.    http://www.wholesomewear.com/culotte-a.html
It's hot. 

While Anna and Josh have their lives together, at the other end of the spectrum is Amber Portwood (20 yrs old), the infamous abuser from MTV's Teen Mom.  Amber's daughter Leah was recently taken from her by Child Protective Services and placed with Amber's ex and Leah's father, Gary.  I think we all saw this coming.  I feel for Amber in a way because I feel like her life is in a total downward spiral and she cannot get herself out, but on the other hand, I just think she is immature and needs some time to grow up a little.  I hope that Leah is thriving with Gary...please tell me that he has a crib for her that does not double as a storage shed.  For the "full" story, visit:   http://www.usmagazine.com/momsbabies/news/teen-moms-amber-having-child-taken-away-is-lowest-of-the-low-20101111

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot Mamas!

Is the world ready for another baby mohawk?  Well, the singer Pink (Alecia Moore) is reportedly pregnant with her first child.  The daddy is her (on-again) husband and motocross racer, Carey Hart.  Congratulations! This baby shower will be an interesting one...

Another hot mama to be is slashie Miranda Kerr who bared all for W magazine's family issue.  Reminiscent of the Demi Moore maternity photos and the Britney Spears copy cat shots, I still think her shots are amazing.  Capturing her body on film like this will be something she will cherish.  I have maternity shots (no, not naked ones...) and I love looking back and seeing my profile and how curvaceous I was!  I say get the photos now, because if she is anything like me, she will be a bit camera shy post-baby. 

Off to work-out (does lifting hand to mouth count?)...


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sweet November

November already?  I can hardly believe it.  Since I last posted I started a new job (still an attorney), Cam went trick or treating, got a double ear infection, and I am no longer wearing leafy vegetables as undergarments.  Cam is back to normal, although we will probably be paying a visit to the ENT for an ear tube evaluation by year end.  Other than that, life is good.  Fall is my favorite season of the year (with summer a close second).  I love fall weather, fall clothing, fall food, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Each holiday and tradition takes on new meaning this year because it is Cam's first time experiencing it -- even though he is only 6 months old, he still seems interested in new things and is very curious!  We did the Halloween thing and he was the cutest little monkey in his costume and for Thanksgiving we are going to my in-laws in Indiana.  I am looking forward to the holiday season unfolding...I even started Christmas shopping already.  After about 15 people recommending the Playskool Busy Ball Popper, I went ahead and ordered it and I think that Cam is going to love it.

So, you are probably wondering where the pop culture commentary has gone...me too.  Since Sister Wives ended, Bethenny hasn't reappeared (where are you girl?) and the RHONJ is on hiatus I have had little pop fodder to work with.  Here are some tids and bits to tide you over:

1.  Sad news: Lily Allen lost her second pregnancy (baby was due in January).  Now, she has septicaemia which is basically blood poisoning...poor thing.  I hope she can recover from this loss and this condition. 

2.  On 19 Kids and Counting, Jana and Jill Duggar joined the local fire department as first responders.  Kudos to the girls for getting out there in their community and helping out.  As you know, the Duggar girls do NOT wear pants.  According to sister-in-law Anna, the reasoning is that wearing skirts keeps them feminine and lady like.  So, in true Duggar fashion (ha!) the girls made some fire fighting skirts out of the standard uniform pants -- take that Project Runway!  The skirts were butt ugly, but had a cargo pocket, which made them instantly suitable for their work as first responders.  The best part of the episode was when they awkwardly went to show the fire department chief their handiwork...he could have cared less and I just felt embarrassed for them.  After they left the fire chief's office and were out of ear shot, Anna couldn't stop laughing at how awkward the situation was.  It showed me that there is a sense of humor somewhere in that family. 

3.  In case you were worried that she would never move on, Christina Aguilera has started dating again since her split with husband Jordan Bratman.  Apparently she has taken up with a production assistant from her new movie, Burlesque.  They recently were seen on a double date with Joel Madden and Nicole Richie.  And of course, the blurb still had to throw something in about how she is still a fantastic mom to son Max.  Okay already.

4.  Charlie Sheen trashed a hotel room, scared an adult film star, lost a $150k watch, and was hospitalized.  Apparently it was "a bad night."  In his words, "If a guy has one bad night, everybody goes insane and panics.  I'm not panicking."  Well, I'm glad that he isn't concerned.  I mean, is it really a problem if you are naked and trashing a room at The Plaza Hotel with a porn star locked in the bathroom?  Nahhhhhh

Let's hope that the pop world has more to offer in the days to come because this was slim pickins!  I have some shows on my DVR that I need to catch up on, so maybe that will bring up some topics.   

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cabbage Patch Kid

First off, the founder of Cabbage Patch Kids is Xavier Roberts and no joke, there is a child at my son's day care with the exact same name.  I laughed when I saw his name up on the cubby and I truly think that I am one of the only people my age (and a former Cabbage Patch doll collector) with the insane memory to know that fact.  Do you remember the names of your Cabbage Patch dolls?  I remember mine had really weird names like: Miles Malcolm or Carol Knight ...who came up with these names?  I would inevitably end up renaming mine with some cool 80's name like Tiffany or Kelli.  The Cabbage Patch phenomenon spawned the Garbage Pail Kid phenomenon, which I was not allowed to partake in because my mother found the Garbage Pail Kids disgusting (not that I blame her).  My husband has an entire scrapbook of Garbage Pail Kids and I recently enjoyed looking through all of the cards -- and yes, they are completely disgusting.

Second, I am wearing cabbage today.  In.my.bra.  Yes, you read that correctly.  And, no, I am not pulling a vegetarian Lady Gaga stunt.  I am trying to dry up my milk supply and apparently this is one way to do it.  I am finished with breastfeeding and now I just have to relieve myself of the pesky problem of engorgement...fun stuff.  I had never heard of this remedy until I was pregnant and listening to other mother's horror stories of birth and breastfeeding.  Doing the research I learned that if you wear a cabbage compress, it is supposed to help with engorgement and decrease your milk supply. 

Cabbage compresses have been used since the 1800s to help with swelling for all sorts of things -- ankle sprains, broken bones, breast engorgement...  http://www.lactationconsultant.info/cabbagecure.html.  Apparently, the natural properties found in cabbage can help dilate local capillaries, which help promote blood flow and may allow the body to reabsorb trapped fluid in the breasts.  I found many websites tout the benefits of using cabbage to help reduce breastfeeding related engorgement and assist in decreasing milk supply when weaning.  http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/engorgement.html

So far I am still in pain, but I have only been using the cabbage compress for a few hours.  Just one more thing about being a new mom that no one seems to mention...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boo! What scares you?

Just in time for Halloween -- scary new mom things.  With all the crazy stories I hear on a daily basis (from the media, well meaning relatives and cautionary tales), I can't help but get the new mom jitters once in a while.  
Things that cause my new mom radar to go nuts:

1.  Rashes on my baby's skin...my mind instantly starts questioning -- what is he allergic too?  is it eczema? what should I put on it?  when to call the doctor?  Typically the rash goes away after a day and it doesn't seem to bother him, but I have caught him on his video monitor scratching his little head in an oh-so-cute-I'm-thinking kind of way...

2.  Finding my son face down in his crib after I had so carefully put him on his back ("Back is Best") to sleep...apparently he is able to turn over on his own and actually prefers to sleep on his stomach now.  Still scares the beejeezus out of me every time. 

3.  A cough.  After the whooping cough deaths in California -  http://www.foxnews.com/health/2010/10/27/cases-whooping-cough-california/ - I am freaking out when he makes the smallest sound. 

4.  The sniffles.  He also seems to be congested all the time so I am on the look out for another ear infection, which will probably appear any day now.

5.  Autism spectrum disorders.  The warning signs, the red flags, the symptoms...yep, hearing about the rate of autism in boys gives me the chills.  

The list could go on and on, but I'm not going to let it take over my life.  I know I sound like the biggest worrier and dooms-day mom, but seriously, these things do weigh on my mind.  To make myself calm down, I have to stop and take a step back and remember that babies are resilient and have survived with much less supervision than Cam has.  Plus, what does worrying accomplish?  

Any other mommy worries to share?  I'm sure I can empathize! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Betty Ford, meet Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is going back to rehab until 2011.  Judge Fox made this decision at her probation violation hearing today.  I hate to give her any more press than she already gets, but I have to comment on a few things:
1.  This next stint in rehab will be her sixth.  She is 24 years old. 
2.  The Judge ordered her Scram alcohol monitoring bracelet to be removed.   Why?  To make her more comfortable in rehab?
3.  She wore jeans to court.  Yes, jeans.  Not acceptable in this attorney's eyes...at least put on some black pants, a skirt or a dress.  Dress like you are serious about your situation, not going to lunch at Chateau Marmont. 
4.  If she slips up after her Jan. 2011 release from rehab, he is going to sentence her to six months in jail.  So, count on Lindsay being in jail from at least February to July 2011 -- sorry studios, she will be unavailable for projects for personal reasons. 

As a mother, I will do my best to raise my son so that he does not have to deal with rehab or jail.  I will try to help him make good decisions and I will teach him respect for himself and others.  And, if for some awful reason he does have to go in front of a judge (hopefully just a traffic ticket or something...), I will make damn sure he is wearing appropriate clothing. 

P.S. - Cam is outgrowing all of his clothes...at 5 1/2 months, he is already in 6-9 month and 9 month clothing.  Crazy!  I never thought he'd grow this fast. 

I laughed, I cried...

Last night I watched the 2 hr. Teen Mom Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew.  My emotions ran the full gamut -- including getting teary for Catelynn and Tyler and laughing inappropriately at Amber.  First, I would like to adopt Catelynn and Tyler.  Yes, I know that they are technically of adult age, but I would like to adopt them and send them to college (or at least help them get scholarships) and give them the opportunities that they currently have to struggle and fight for.  I love these two.  I am thoroughly impressed with their emotional maturity and their kindness (towards each other and people in general).  When the home video of Carly taking her first steps came on and we saw that Catelynn and Tyler were present for it, I got teary.  When Tyler told April (Catelynn's crazy pants mom) that she deserved more love and deserved better in her life, my heart broke.  These two kids are amazing.

On the other end of the spectrum sits Amber and Gary.  Hot mess.  Amber's behavior this season was atrocious.  She physically and verbally abused Baby Daddy Gary, seemingly neglected her daughter Leah, and took up with some shade ball guy that she met at WalMart.  Dr. Drew made a point to show the violent behavior on tape several times during the TV special, which reduced Amber to "tears."  I would love to believe that Amber is truly sorry for her actions and wants to improve, but throughout the season I always felt like she was "acting" for the cameras.  She has a way of turning on the tears after she finishes behaving badly.  I'm just not buying it.  All I have to say is: Gary, WALK AWAY.  Not from Leah, but from Amber.  Dr. Drew told you both that it would take some hard core couples counseling over a very very long period of time to fix the relationship -- is it worth it? 

As much of a sad train wreck that it is, I couldn't help but laugh inappropriately several times during their segment as I watched Amber unsuccessfully try to throw Gary's TV down the stairs (a la Precious style) and  when Dr. Drew asked Gary how he felt after Amber abused him and he said hurt as she was saying "embarrassed."  Classic.  Domestic violence of any kind is unacceptable.  This family needs some serious help and I hear they are getting it in the form of an investigation by Indiana Child Protective Services.  I feel for Leah, but it seems that Gary has her best interests at heart and will hopefully do the right thing for his daughter.

Maci and Farrah seem to be trucking along in life and doing better than before.  Maci is still in Nashville and back with Kyle.  Ryan (her ex and Bentley's daddy) showed up and was entertainingly clueless.  Dr. Drew interviewed Farrah and her mother (which I fast forwarded through because Farrah's mom irks me).  I assume that he covered her domestic violence charges, Farrah's grieving, yada yada yada.  If anyone has any other info on that segment, please fill me in.  I just didn't have the extra 15 minutes to kill...had bottles to wash, a shower to take and laundry to fold.

All in all it was a fantastic season of Teen Mom.  Now, a whole new season of 16 and Pregnant is beginning, but I am going to abstain (ha!) from recording it.  I just can't get invested in a whole new crew of prego teens.  I have enough prego 30 somethings to keep up with in my own life!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Marriage is hard.  There, I said it.  I'm trying to be a realist and not paint it with rainbows and unicorns because marriage is complex.  It has its ups and downs and while marriage can offer great joy and comfort, it can also be a source of frustration and conflict.  Apparently more than a few couples have fell down the marriage rabbit hole lately and it is so disheartening to see so many people break-up. 
  • Courteney Cox and David Arquette -- split up, but haven't filed for divorce.  Parents of Coco, age 6.
  • Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman -- divorcing.  Parents of Max, age 2.
  • Laura Dern and Ben Harper -- divorcing.  Parents of a 9 yr. old son and 5 yr. old daughter.
  • Vicki Gunvalson and Donn Gunvalson of Real Housewives of O.C. -- divorcing. 
  • Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee) and husband Bobby Salomon -- divorcing.  Parents of Penelope, age 4.
  • Al and Tipper Gore -- divorcing.  Married 40 years!
It makes me sad to see people end their marriages.  Perhaps it is the best choice for them, but it doesn't come without heart break and turmoil for their family.  I understand that the reasons behind a split are nobody's business...and I get why many of these famous couples don't make a public statement at all.  However, it irks me when the public statement that is made always includes a message about how they are going to focus on being parents to their child(ren), or how they are still committed to raising their child (ren). 
Ummm, duh?  Did getting a divorce somehow imply that the entire parenting thing was also not working out for you and that you decided to dissolve that too?  I sure hope that you were committed to that child all along -- from the time he or she was born.  I never thought that divorce meant giving up on the children too, so just making a statement like that makes it feel disingenous.  Just saying.  I'm sure that people have their own reasons for making this kind of statement (or at least their PR agent does), but how about just saying -- "we are splitting up, it sucks and we would request some privacy for our family."

In happier news, Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn, tied the knot on the season finale of Sister Wives.  She wore white and there was a reception for around 200 guests.  I kind of wish that I could have attended...the cake looked delicious.

I have Teen Mom recorded so my next post is going to be a dissection of all that is the crazy train of Amber (especially Amber), Farrah, Maci and Catelynn.  A mom blogger that I follow, Christine Coppa, wrote a great open letter type post to Amber and other teen / single moms out there.  Check it out: http://www.parenting.com/new/blogs/mamas-boy/christine-coppa/3-tips-teen-and-young-single-moms

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Monday

What? Monday again?  Last week flew by and before I knew it, it was the weekend.  Now another week is beginning and October is passing in a flash.  Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner?  My awesome MIL made Cameron's costume -- a monkey suit -- and he is ready to roll.  My little monkey.  Let the photo ops begin!

Some congratulations are in order for two celebs who recently became parents:
  • Alicia Keys gave birth to a baby boy, Egypt Daoud Dean, on October 14th.  Egypt is her first child with husband Swizz "Kaseem Dean" Beatz (Yes, I typed that correctly).  Congrats Alicia!!!  That lucky kid is getting free concerts with every lullabye!
  • Neal Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka welcomed twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace on October 12th.  Congratulations guys!!! 

Last week I caught up on Sister Wives and Christine (Wife #3) had her 6th baby, Truly Grace.  The Browns were also featured on Oprah -- and as intrigued as Oprah seemed with their lifestyle, she really didn't ask very many good questions.  A little disappointing.  The topic of the investigation and possible prosecution for bigamy did arise and Kody Brown admitted to really not expecting anything like this to happen when he signed on for the show.  I don't know how he couldn't have at least acknowledged that possibility... I don't necessarily agree with the enforcing the bigamy statute against this family, but the family is throwing it authorities faces by having a reality show about it. 

The topic of pregnancy / birth also surfaced on Grey's Anatomy this week with Dr. McDreamy and Meredith talking about procreating and the fact that Meredith had a miscarriage because of a "hostile uterus."  Hostile uterus?  Well, I looked it up on the trusty internet and apparently it has something to do with the antibodies in the cervical mucus... Anyway, Meredith Grey may have a hostile uterus.  I'm wondering where they are going with this story line, because I feel like Meredith and Derek having a baby may cause the show to "jump the shark."  As in, after they become parents and the show has to be somewhat realistic about what that means for two surgeons, is there any real story line left for that couple?  We'll see...

I have Sister Wives on my DVR to watch from last night and I have more shows to catch up on...I haven't even touched on Teen Mom from last week because it was such a hot mess that I need to devote an entire post to just that show and it's "recap show" that is airing this week.  I can't wait to see how Catelynn's mom reacts when Dr. Drew calls her abusive.  Awesome.

Later skaters.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Here it comes...

The 1st tooth.  My little buddy is in the beginning stages of teething -- gnawing on everything, biting down (hard) on things that he is sucking on (like I said, the weaning has begun...), drooling until he is drenched and being a little fuss bucket at night.  I keep waiting for a little tooth to make its appearance, but so far, nada.  I keep feeling his gums, which he hates, and giving him teething rings to help with the irritation that he seems to have.  I think the teething ring was a hit this weekend because although it was too cold for him to hold for very long, he couldn't get enough of it. 

I was reading The Parenting Post blog on http://www.parenting.com/ today and new mom Taylor Newman posted about her son teething and the use of an amber teething necklace.  The necklace is not for the baby to chew on, but it is supposed to omit some kind of oil or essence that is soothing for the pain of teething -- http://www.amberartisans.com/.  Since I am hesitant to pump him full of children's Tylenol and would love a homepathic alternative, I may consider getting one of these once teething gets worse.  Does this sound crazy?  Has anyone used one of these?  I am going to do more research so that I don't get taken (for $19.95 + S&H)! 

Some other homeopathic remedies that I found were Chamomilla tablets that are crushed and can be added to milk and clove oil that is mixed with other oils and rubbed into gums.  The clove oil remedy sounded a little scary as there was a warning about gum blistering if too much oil is used.  The Chamomilla tablets contain chamomile, calcium phosphate, coffee and alkaloids in a sweet milk sugar base that apparently makes them taste like powdered sugar.  Most of the reviews that I have read rave about these tablets and say that the babies just love them, but there was some disconcerting news -- the tablets also contain an herb called Belladonna which is typically used to treat migraines and can cause constipation and neurological reactions -- uh, scary.  I'm not going to use these until I talk with my pediatrician.

Anyone have any other suggestions to ease teething pain?  Hope everyone had a fabulous pain-free weekend!   

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bleb bleb bleb

Ever heard of a bleb? Yeah, me niether -- until this week.  If you had asked me on Monday what a bleb is, I would have imagined that it is a mythical swamp dwelling creature found in Harry Potter's world.  Unfortunately I now know that it is not a strange creature from Harry Potter and instead is a painful and irritating breastfeeding complication.  On Tuesday I had the awesome privilege of ridding myself of a bleb.  I will not scare / gross you out with the details, but if you are interested in learning more about blebs - how to prevent them and how to get rid of them you can visit: www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/nipplebleb.html
Ouch!  Just another bump on my breast feeding journey -- literally.  Let's just say that the weaning has begun...

However, I was still able to fight through the pain in order to catch up with my favorite polygamists - the Browns.  This week on Sister Wives, the wives shared their feelings on Robyn joining the family.  I think the show is ramping up and getting to the meat of the issues that surround a plural marriage.  This week showed Kody "courting" Robyn and Robyn moving her family to live by the Browns while she and Kody are "engaged."  The three wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine discussed how Robyn joining the family was making them feel -- jealous of Kody's time, nervous that the entire household dynamic would change and also joyful that they were getting a new sister wife who they adore.  There was an interesting moment where Meri was crying and saying that she doesn't want things to change and that she has considered leaving the family but would never do so for her daughter's sake.  Christine also sounded off about not liking the process of Kody courting Robyn and how it made her feel threatened at times-- like she was losing her best friend. 
I am really liking this show.

Sister Wives has become the topic of many discussions with friends and co-workers.  All in all, people seem to feel the same way -- if the Brown family isn't hurting anyone (i.e. marrying 13 year old girls, engaging in child abuse or tax evasion), then who cares and their choice of family should not be a crime.  The Browns are currently being investigated by the Lehi, Utah police and could face criminal prosecution for the crime of bigamy. 

The law in Utah makes bigamy a crime for someone to be married to one person and "purport" to be married to another.  This is a very broad statute.  From a lawyer's standpoint, I feel that it is time to tailor the statue to target the type of criminal behavior that is present in some polygamist circles -- underage marriage, incestuous marriages / relationships, child abuse and fraud.  Apparently there is a policy among law enforcement / state attorneys that bigamy charges aren't typically prosecuted unless other criminal behavior is also present.  I understand the awkward position that the police / prosecutors in Utah are now in -- this family is flaunting their lifestyle.  Thus, the Browns have wisely lawyered up... http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700071894/Sister-Wives-family-hires-attorney-as-prosecutors-mull-charges.html

We'll see what happens next...oh, the suspense.  Much better than another Paris Hilton arrest - those are so predictable.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome Fall!

Yesterday morning was gorgeous -- perfect fall weather -- high 60s, sunny, blue sky and crisp air.  I love this time of year.  Our little family took a walk to our local coffee shop and tooled around the neighborhood enjoying the season change.  There are only a few baby products that I absolutely adore and my BOB stroller is one of them.  I live in an older neighborhood with cracked, uneven sidewalks and many hills.  So, when I was shopping for a stroller to accommodate the terrain, I knew I needed more than the rinky dink version that comes with the car seat/stroller travel systems.  Doing the research we found the BOB and ordered it before Cam was even born.  We LOVE the BOB -- seriously it is the best value for the quality.  It is easy to push, sturdy, not too heavy and smooth riding (even along all of those ancient sidewalks).  We have the Revolution model and it has served us well...we had to get the car seat adapter to use until Cam is big enough to ride in the regular seat, but we use this thing all the time.

I caught up on some of my TV from last week and was HORRIFIED by Amber's behavior on Teen Mom.  Not only is this girl abusive to her baby daddy (full out punching him and trying to kick him down the stairs), but she came off as a neglecting parent as well.  First - why does baby Leah have SOOOO much crap in her crib?  Literally, it looks like they use her crib as storage and she just sleeps among all of the stuff.  My first thought was that they are lucky that she hasn't suffocated.  Anyways, I can imagine that Amber's life as a teen mom is difficult -- sure, no money, no job, no degree, no stable family support -- it cannot be easy.  However, she needs some intervention -- for Leah's sake.  I have to say, that although Gary is no prize, I respect him more every time I watch the show.  He walks away when Amber is berating and abusing him, he takes care of Leah and is attentive to her and he tries to keep his family together.

After watching Sister Wives this week and blogging about it, the show came up as the topic of conversation more than once among friends and co-workers.  The consensus was if these people are all consenting adults when they enter the marriage and there is nothing else illegal going on, then why should their family situation be considered a crime?  There is a lot more stuff going on in our world to be concerned about than a family living independently and lovingly.  They are not on public aid as far as we know and they don't hurt one another (as far as we know), so perhaps the police and prosecutor in Utah should use their time pursuing more serious crimes than bigamy.  I know that this family is flaunting their violation of the law and the state of Utah probably doesn't want to get a reputation as a polygamist haven, but seriously...who cares?  Plus, it makes good TV!

Off to enjoy the rest of my weekend with my one husband and one child.  Peace.